Meso-Botox; the revolutionary "no-needle" alternative

Are wrinkles getting you down? Are crow's feet adding years to your look? Then start revitalising your image today with Nevaeh Beauty Salon.

Highly effective, instant results, totally non-invasive; our treatments may help soften facial lines for a healthy and smoother appearance. With the help of Advanced Skin Technologies , we strive to help you not just look good, but feel good.

Welcoming clients from throughout the County Durham region, our range of beauty treatments has not only helped to instil confidence, but improve quality of life. From towns like Sedgefield and Ferryhill to inner-city areas, take your first steps to a more youthful complexion today.

This is just one of the revolutionary treatments we can provide:

Diamond Tip Abrasion
A non-invasive method for revitalising the skin without the use of crystals, chemicals or lasers. By gently working away tired and aged skin, you can help to regenerate new skin cells which can dramatically improve the skins texture and appearance.
A warm disc application used to help open surface skin pores. By improving blood circulation and accelerating the absorption process, we can prepare the skin for further treatment.
At 300 million times per second, ultrasonic vibrations stimulate your skin and tissue, helping to improve collagen production and blood circulation, relax the muscles and break down fatty deposits.
Using a cold attachment on the skin, we can close the pores following treatment, helping to seal the products within these area. This can also help to slow down metabolism, therefore helping you to receive the full benefits with maximum results.

Aesthetic Mesotherapy
Combining ultrasonic technology with the range of Advanced Skin Technologies products, you can experience non-invasive treatments that can help your body absorb vital nutrients and active ingredients.

Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a new you. Call Nevaeh Beauty Salon on 01642 602923

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